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Hangzhou CSG Glass Technology Co., Ltd. (csg-glass) is located in Qingshanhu science and Technology City, the intelligent manufacturing area of the science and technology innovation corridor in the west of Hangzhou. It is 3km away from Alibaba headquarters, covers an area of 5000 square meters, and has a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The former Shanghai Luhe glass decoration Co., Ltd. (founded in 2005) invested and registered, based on the domestic luxury showcase glass manufacturing. It is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and sales of glass for Museum special cultural relic display cabinet. It is specialized in providing complete cultural relic protection and visual enjoyment for domestic and foreign museums, art galleries, luxury window, cultural and art exhibition and other scenes.

For 15 years, jingnozi has been focusing on the glass of the exhibition cabinet of the museum. With the responsibility of clearly representing the beauty of cultural relics and carefully protecting the safety of cultural relics, jingnozi has always stood at the forefront of science and technology, led the technological change, promoted the innovation of the industry, walked in the forefront of the market, and won the praise of customers.

The company has introduced a complete set of high-end intelligent processing equipment for many times, recruited technical elites from the industry to join the company's management team, and cultivated an experienced production and processing technical team, modern production process and efficient management team in the glass industry, which provides strong security and visual effect to meet various needs of users.

In July 2016, crystal nitrate and AGC of Japan (aijiexu) made strategic cooperation to introduce AGC Italy's high-quality low reflection glass into domestic processing and sales. AGC granted crystal nitrate as the agent of low reflection glass (AR glass) in China. And obtained the special support of AGC core technology team for our production technology, greatly improving the glass processing technology level of crystal nitrate.

Adhering to the original intention and forging ahead, we will always focus on the field of low reflection glass, provide customers with beautiful, ultra-clear, environmentally friendly and safe high-quality products, lead the development with science and technology, build the brand with quality, and sincerely work together for win-win cooperation - focus on low reflection and change the vision.


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