Low reflection photo frame glass
Low reflection photo frame glass

Low reflection photo frame glass

Anti deformation, not easy to bend, strengthen the tightness of the display cabinet, prevent the cultural relics preservation environment from being damaged. The tear strength is 5 times that of ordinary glass, which greatly improves the anti damage ability of deformation resistant glass. The special antireflection coating reduces the reflection rate, making the exhibits more visible and perfect.

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1. The visible light transmittance is more than 99%, and the low reflection glass greatly improves the original brightness of LCD and PDP, and reduces the energy consumption.

2. The reflectivity is less than 0.8%, and the low reflection glass can effectively reduce the defect that the picture becomes white due to the strong light behind, so as to enjoy clearer image quality.

3. The color is more gorgeous and the contrast is stronger, which makes the image color contrast stronger and the scenery clearer.

4. Anti ultraviolet, effective protection of the eyes, UV spectral area transmittance significantly reduced, can effectively prevent UV damage to the eyes.

5. High temperature resistance, non reflective glass temperature resistance > 500 degrees

6. Scratch resistant, best wear resistance. The hardness of low reflection glass film is equal to that of glass, more than 6h, and the surface quality is guaranteed.

7. It can resist all kinds of cleaning agents, acid and alkali resistant cleaning agents, and the low reflection glass film is not damaged.

8. Strong impact resistance, the impact performance of 3mm thickness non reflective glass is equivalent to 6mm acrylic.

9. Keep the angle of view. After the installation of acrylic, the angle of view will be smaller; After the non reflective glass is installed, the viewing angle will not be reduced.

10. The surface flatness of low reflection glass is much better than that of coated acrylic, and the larger the size is, the more obvious the difference is.

11. The cold and hot deformation of low reflection glass can be almost neglected, which is suitable for all kinds of environment; At the same time, the low reflection glass has a sense of glass, the appearance is more beautiful

As a work of art protection, the protective glass of photographic works is more transparent than ordinary glass, with few reflected images and high cost performance.

Product application field:

Museum painting protection, art collector collection protection, photographer works protection, luxury gift box display, etc

Specification type: Normal specification
Efficacy: Even complexion, nourish and moisturize skin
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